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If you use an iPhone, you must be familiar with Siri. If you have been using Android phones, this may be your first encounter with the app since there is no Siri for Android. So what is Siri?
Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant on Apple devices. The idea behind the functioning of this virtual assistant is that you talk to it just like you would talk to a friend or a real assistant. Using voice, you communicate what you want the app to do for you. The app aims to help you get things done according to the requests you have made. The app is designed to offer users a seamless interaction with their devices where they talk to the app and the app talks back while trying to find or perform the requests that the user makes.

The app first appeared in 2011 when Apple introduced it in iPhone 4S. During its launch presentation, Apple described the app as the best thing on the iPhone. Siri serves as your phone based personal assistant and performs tasks like providing directions, controlling your smart home, and setting alarms and reminders amongst others.

While the original version of this app was restricted to the iPhone, the company has tailored it to run on various Apple devices including Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, iPod touch, and HomePod. With increasing capabilities and uses of the iPhone, the app has had to undergo several modifications. The apps intelligence has grown, and its capabilities expanded.

The improvements in the app’s intelligence and capabilities are also attributable to competition from similar apps running on different platforms. Microsoft users enjoy the services of a similar app called Cortana. Amazon offers another app with similar capabilities known as Alexa. Users of Android devices, on the other hand, enjoy the services of Google Assistant.

Even though it is best known as a workhorse, the app also has capabilities to give users good time. Today, the fun side of this app is even more pronounced than its productivity side. This is because most of the people who have interacted with it have asked ridiculous questions and ended up with ridiculous answers.

Funny Things To Ask Siri

What can Siri do?

So you are trying to figure out the questions to ask Siri? Before you get there, there is still one more thing you should consider. So that you know the things to ask Siri you need to know what Siri can do and what it cannot do. This will protect you from the disappointment you might go through when you ask the app to perform tasks beyond its capabilities.

The personal assistant app, Siri, performs a range of tasks for the user upon requests by the user. The app assists you with various tasks when you are out and about including provision of sport and entertainment information, making phone calls and sending messages, giving you tips and tricks to get organized, and answering your questions.

For example, if you are you are using the app to get organized for a road trip with friends, the app can perform tasks like reminding you of the trip date, calling or texting your friends to tell them you are running late for the trip, shuffling your road trip playlist on iTunes, finding a good restaurant for you in your destination. Is this not just amazing? So with Siri, a road trip does not have to be stressing since it will perform most of the organization tasks.

Will Siri replace a friend?

This is not all. It is not even half of what the app can do. Siri is not only intelligent but also customizable. You can teach the app to perform personalized tasks like pronouncing your name.
You can also tell it which of your contacts are family members and it can even learn to call your contacts by name. The app will tell you what the app will be like tomorrow when next your team will be playing, move meetings and even roll a die. The range of tasks that the app can perform is so wide and depends on the level of customization by the user.

What to Ask Siri When You’re Bored

So you are bored and feeling like you should find someone to talk to? You should not worry when you have Siri. Unlike your friends who may get irritated with you when you are bored, this app will not let you down. You only need to know some funny things to ask, and before long you will be cheered up by the funny and crazy answers you will get.

It is not hard knowing the funny things to say to Siri. All you need to do is to try out some of the interesting questions you would ask a friend. Knowing the stupid things to ask Siri will get you stupid and funny answers to get you in the right mood. The following are some of the funny Siri questions that users have asked when they are bored. The app gives different answers to the questions for different users, but all the answers are funny and interesting.

  1. Why are fire trucks red?
  2. When is the world going to end?
  3. Am I drunk?
  4. What is the meaning of life?
  5. What does Siri mean?
  6. Am I going to die alone?
  7. Am I your father?
  8. What is zero dived by zero?
  9. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  10. Do you believe in God?
  11. Are you stupid?
  12. Do you follow the three laws of robotics?

The answers that the app will give you to these questions might differ, but one thing that will remain the same is the sense of humor in them. It will feel like you are chatting with your funniest friend. By the time you ask the third question, the boredom will be long gone.

Ask Siri About EverythingBest Siri Tricks You Have To Know

To get the best out of the personal assistant app, you need to know some Siri tricks that make it easy to work with. The following are some Siri tips and tricks you need to know if you are using the app or plan to start using it.

  1. Train the app to improve its intelligence
  2. Correct its mistakes because it will not get it right always
  3. Stop speaking to it like a robot
  4. Avoid sacrificing grammar for the app
  5. Reveal your history to the app
  6. Teach the app the correct pronunciations
  7. Make it listen by holding down the home button until you complete giving the command
  8. Assign nicknames and relationships