Android Siri Equivalent. Top Apps for Your Phone

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Hiring mobile app developers has in the recent past become a common practice among organizations to speed up their mobile app development process. The truth is that the demand for new mobile apps is increasing alarmingly. Therefore, hiring the best app developers should become a priority to help your business move ahead of the competition and provide satisfying applications to your customers. One remarkable development is the digital voice assistant apps. Voice assistants are getting more popular daily, and currently, Siri is taking over the digital voice assistant market. Siri is Apples’ digital voice assistant. However, there are different options for the Android platform as well. Siri for Android and other apps will give you the same or even better experience on Android. Today, there are a lot of apps for Android, and despite the phone model you are using, you can choose between Android apps similar to Siri.

Android Siri

History of Siri with Apple devices

Siri app was precisely developed for Apple users and can never work on any other mobile operating system other than iOS. As a result, the app gives Apple a competitive advantage among its competitors. Siri was one of the last projects that Steve Jobs was involved in before his health worsened. However, the intelligent voice assistant’s origin tracks back to a 1980s Apple R&D initiative that happened before Steve Jobs left the company. Later in the 1980s, the CEO John Sculley spearheaded the creation of a concept video which he called the “Knowledge Navigator”. The video laid a crucial foundation for the creation of a voice assistant. At that time, technology was still very dormant. It was not until 2003 that a US government agency called DARPA began working on an AI assistant project.

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For the AI assistant project to be actualised, the agency approached a research institute, SRI International, to establish an investigation. The project was called CALO and was the largest AI project in history. After intensive research of about half a decade, SRI international decided to spin off a startup and named it ‘Siri’. Siri launched in the App store in 2010. Apple acquired Siri in April 2010. With the integration, developers made Siri user-friendly. Siri’s debut on iPhone 4s was considered a big deal by Apple. Siri’s ability to take natural-language questions and provide accurate responses was way ahead of what other competing companies offered then. Today, innovations and growing technology have made Siri more functional and accurate than the version shipped with iPhone 4s. Siri support was fully delivered from iOS 6 onwards. iPod touch also supported Siri from the 5th generation, released in October 2012. All Apple devices manufactured on October 12 and onwards supports Siri. Apple Watches and TV’s operating systems also support Siri.

Android Siri equivalent top 5 apps

Voice assistant will help you a lot in your daily life. You will keep track of important events and make your life a little easier to manage. Siri is not the only voice assistant application in the market today. If you are an Android user and wondering what Siri alternatives you have, the article focuses on top 5 apps for you. The apps are:

  1. Google Now;
  2. Cortana;
  3. Skyvi;
  4. Robin;
  5. Jarvis.

Google Now

Google Now is the best personal voice assistant apps you will find on Android. Google has plenty of data gathered from various sources such as Gmail, hangout app, google search engine, YouTube as well as from Android users. Google Now provides voice assistance to Android users from the data stored. Google Now is a built-in your Android device by default. It sends out suggestions based on your search history, what you have watched as well as your inbox. Also, the App updates you with the current traffic details of your current location. It also provides weather updates for the present day and several other days. Voice recognition and algorithm is what makes Google Now so effective. The app is often used by all the services offered by Google such as Google Voice Search.


Since Apple has Siri and Android has Google Now, Microsoft came up with Cortana for its products such as Windows desktop, Windows mobile Operating System, Microsoft Band and Xbox one. However, Cortana is also available for Android and iOS users. Cortana’s most significant advantage is its availability across platforms. Cortana enables you to send a text message or talk to your smartphone from your Laptop.

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Along with its name, the app displays the word “Siri like Assistant”. It is simple to use on your Android device since the interface is simple and straightforward. With Skyvi, you can make calls directly, send messages and emails, with voice commands. However, there is a limited number of Skyvi developers, and therefore it does not provide new details. Also, Skyvi is temporarily unavailable on Google Play Store.


Robin is a challenger to Apple’s digital Assistant. If you are wondering how to get Siri on Android, look no further. Robin is more of a driving assistant. It provides everything you want while driving. It provides you with voice directions, GPS location and even information about the closest gas station.


Jarvis is a unique digital personal assistant app that has various features. Jarvis can run across all your Android ware. With Jarvis, you can play songs by name, update the background photo of your phone, change phone settings, provide weather updates, send text messages and make calls with just voice input. Jarvis can never disappoint since it can do so much. However, the app is only available in the English language.


Siri was the first digital voice assistant app to hit the market and only exclusive to Apple. However, with innovation and advanced technology personal assistant applications are now available across various platforms. People without iPhones can now stop worrying if they can get Siri for Android or other phone platforms such as Windows. Although you cannot find Siri for Android, other virtual assistant apps will give the same or even better results as discussed in the article.